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American Family Insurance are scumbags

Hey everybody,

Most folks are well aware that insurance companies are scumbags for the most part. This is new to me. My neighbor, John E. Paul, rammed my car. I set at my window and watched him do this. He of course lied to the police. Yes, I telephone them immediately. They showed up and eventually saw the impression let in the front of my car. They concluded Mr. John E. Paul struck my vehicle.

Later, I went to our adjuster, who verified the damage, verified the square impression in our car where John rammed his car into our car. Then American Family’s own adjusters also examined the car and concluded their client struck our car.

So time goes by and we receive some asinine letter from some idiot in their claims department, Alfred t. West Jr., denying the claim. What kind of decent company would do this?

My insurance company, Allstate, did what they were supposed to do. They are a reputable and great company. They inspected the car, paid with a check minus our deductible.

I watched John E. Frank ram our car, there is physical evidence that John E. Frank rammed our car, there are photographs showing John E. Frank rammed our car and these ass clowns are denying the claim. It is time to sue John and them.

Before you take this lightly. It is a Class C Felony, depending on which estimate you go by. Our insurance company places the damage at $849.00. For Malicious Mischief to be a Class C Felony, the damage has to be intentional and exceed $750.00. I watched John E. Frank do this. There is no doubt in my mind it was intentional. The estimate from our insurance company exceeds $750.00.

Malicious mischief in the second degree.
(1) A person is guilty of malicious mischief in the second degree if he or she knowingly and maliciously:
(a) Causes physical damage to the property of another in an amount exceeding seven hundred fifty dollars; or
(b) Creates a substantial risk of interruption or impairment of service rendered to the public, by physically damaging or tampering with an emergency vehicle or property of the state, a political subdivision thereof, or a public utility or mode of public transportation, power, or communication.
(2) Malicious mischief in the second degree is a class C felony.








markf @ May 9, 2016