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How your Senators voted

Below is how your senators voted on a Constitutional Amendment to remove corporations from our Democracy. You might note the partisan politics along party lines for this vote. Hey, you just gave the Senate back to those that want corporate interference in out political process.

This is easily the most important event in our lifetime. The number one question you should asking anybody asking for you vote is, will you vote businesses out of our democracy? If they answer no or hesitate, they do not represent the people in any way and so cannot represent you or your family’s interest in any way. For those of you that place your needs ahead of the country, thank you for voting and you will get exactly what you deserve and have fought for to the great expense of everybody else; including your children and their children.

A very small piece of nothing.

Alabama Sessions R Nay
Alabama Shelby R Nay
Alaska Begich D Yea
Alaska Murkowski R Not Voting
Arizona Flake R Nay
Arizona McCain R Nay
Arkansas Boozman R Nay
Arkansas Pryor D Yea
California Boxer D Yea
California Feinstein D Yea
Colorado Bennet D Yea
Colorado Udall D Yea
Connecticut Blumenthal D Yea
Connecticut Murphy D Yea
Delaware Carper D Yea
Delaware Coons D Yea
Florida Nelson D Yea
Florida Rubio R Nay
Georgia Chambliss R Nay
Georgia Isakson R Nay
Hawaii Hirono D Yea
Hawaii Schatz D Yea
Idaho Crapo R Nay
Idaho Risch R Nay
Illinois Durbin D Yea
Illinois Kirk R Nay
Indiana Coats R Nay
Indiana Donnelly D Yea
Iowa Grassley R Nay
Iowa Harkin D Yea
Kansas Moran R Nay
Kansas Roberts R Nay
Kentucky McConnell R Nay
Kentucky Paul R Nay
Louisiana Landrieu D Yea
Louisiana Vitter R Nay
Maine Collins R Nay
Maine King I Yea
Maryland Cardin D Yea
Maryland Mikulski D Yea
Massachusetts Markey D Yea
Massachusetts Warren D Yea
Michigan Levin D Yea
Michigan Stabenow D Yea
Minnesota Franken D Yea
Minnesota Klobuchar D Yea
Mississippi Cochran R Nay
Mississippi Wicker R Nay
Missouri Blunt R Nay
Missouri McCaskill D Yea
Montana Tester D Yea
Montana Walsh D Yea
Nebraska Fischer R Nay
Nebraska Johanns R Nay
Nevada Heller R Nay
Nevada Reid D Yea
New Hampshire Ayotte R Nay
New Hampshire Shaheen D Yea
New Jersey Booker D Yea
New Jersey Menendez D Yea
New Mexico Heinrich D Yea
New Mexico Udall D Yea
New York Gillibrand D Not Voting
New York Schumer D Yea
North Carolina Burr R Nay
North Carolina Hagan D Yea
North Dakota Heitkamp D Yea
North Dakota Hoeven R Nay
Ohio Brown D Yea
Ohio Portman R Nay
Oklahoma Coburn R Not Voting
Oklahoma Inhofe R Nay
Oregon Merkley D Yea
Oregon Wyden D Yea
Pennsylvania Casey D Yea
Pennsylvania Toomey R Nay
Rhode Island Reed D Yea
Rhode Island Whitehouse D Yea
South Carolina Graham R Nay
South Carolina Scott R Nay
South Dakota Johnson D Yea
South Dakota Thune R Nay
Tennessee Alexander R Nay
Tennessee Corker R Nay
Texas Cornyn R Nay
Texas Cruz R Not Voting
Utah Hatch R Nay
Utah Lee R Nay
Vermont Leahy D Yea
Vermont Sanders I Yea
Virginia Kaine D Yea
Virginia Warner D Yea
Washington Cantwell D Yea
Washington Murray D Yea
West Virginia Manchin D Yea
West Virginia Rockefeller D Yea
Wisconsin Baldwin D Yea
Wisconsin Johnson R Nay
Wyoming Barrasso R Nay
Wyoming Enzi R Nay

markf @ November 5, 2014