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Theft and lies, the new American path to success

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Here are the facts about spam, spammers. I keep receiving spam. I see no reason for it. Anything advertised by spam is automatically discounted as garbage from a scummy company. Any ideology advertised by spam is automatically discounted. You might ask yourself why this is. Here is a very good reason why.

All spam is sent by individuals that intentionally mistype any identifying character strings to avoid people filtering these unwelcome, unwanted and abusive email. This is one reason it is called spam, they are all the same. Each and every time you hire spammers to represent your company you alienate future and potential customers. By the way, all the domains used in spam are falsely registered with the exception of a few of the larger spammer that send spam for companies like Home Depot. Home Depot, we have options other than your store and we will be exercising these options when we remodel our homes. Note the plurality of the word homes.

I have some ass-clown telling he is a patriot while he steals from me. All spam is theft, forced advertising and any law that supports spam is unconstitutional. Any law that requires you to opt out of any list you did not ask to be placed on is Unconstitutional. Until Americans grow a set of balls, you too ladies, this bullshit will continue. Until we either force a constitutional amendment barring created entities out of our democracy this will continue. In the short term, we can stop shopping at Walmart, stop buy genetically modified foods.

markf @ September 26, 2014

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