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Ah the Post Office

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An ongoing saga of poor service, negligence, harassment and attempts to intimidate American citizens by the USPS and specifically the Manager at the Lincoln Post Office. First a little history.

I went through this in Healdsburg California. A carrier refused to remove and dispose of refused mail. I don’t accept delivery of junk mail, 3rd class or bulk mail. The Domestic Mail Manual says that a recipient may refuse mail pieces at time of delivery and after time of delivery. The carrier in Healdsburg destroyed large amounts of our mail by refusing to remove properly marked “REFUSED” mail and stuffing, crushing all new mail piece.

I don’t back down when I am right so I ended up with an asshole Postal Inspector, this carrier, Bob and the Post master for the City of Healdsburg in my face attempting to provoke me into touching them. Now before you say, I would have…. These are all Federal Employees. Touching a carrier while they are on duty is a federal crime. Touching an asshole and negligent postal inspector will get you arrested and a Postal Inspector’s authority is federal and supersedes state and local.

What is happening here:

A carrier refused to accept refused mail and out going mail when tried to hand it to him. He refused to identify himself or provide an employee ID. He became frantic and distressed when I attempted to hand him the refused mail and the out going mail. I called the Post office and was going to file a complaint. I spoke with the assistant manager Maria. Maria promised to speak with the carrier and explain that this is their job. Maria sent out another carrier to retrieve the refused mail AND the out going mail.

This was October 12, 2016.

A few weeks later, we get a call from the bank saying they never received the mail that I personally handed to the second carrier that Maria had sent out. It was a check for a car payment and a bank draft drawn on our account. It apears that they somehow lost the mail. Coincidence or intentional mail destruction, you decide. We have to make good on the payment and cannot retrieve these funds for three months.

A few days later the same carrier that refused to accept mail did the same thing. I have no faith in our mail system and have to wonder what other mail will be “lost”. The carrier again became frantic and distressed. Understanding this carrier can easily misinterpret my words and actions he is barred from my property. He is a danger to the welfare of myself and my family.

Today, November 8, 2016

I just received a letter from Danny Brown, manager of the Lincoln Station threatening to stop my mail if I hand the refused mail back to the carrier.

He tried to use clever words like “detain”, “unsafe” and said he liked customers like me when we spoke on the telephone. I put our telephone on speaker so my spouse can be a witness to this assholes behavior and actions. Threatening to stop my mail if I refused mail.

He is another self-entitled asshole that does not think his employees should do their job or follow the rules and regulations they are supposed to be following. He is an asshole that believes all advertising should be forced on the recipient instead of the sender or those that are paid to deliver the trash.

So, what I have is a carrier that lost or destroyed my mail, a carrier that refused to do his job and two managers that are derelict in their duties to the public they serve and threatening me with stopping my mail if I don’t accede to their demands to not do their job.

markf @ November 9, 2016

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