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Is this the Last of the Jim Crow Laws?

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Consider this when you think about the recent refusal of the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify Marijuana as something other than a Schedule I drug. This while President Obama commuted the Sentences of 348 American Citizens. Many convictions were for non-violent drug offenses. At the same time, the Drug Enforcement Administration is saying and trying to tell Americans that Marijuana is as bad as LSD, Heroine or is as highly addictive as Oxycodone or Methamphetamine. Both of the latter are regulated differently as Schedule II drugs. Why isn’t Alcohol, Nicotine listed as Schedule I drugs?

Trying to ban Alcohol was tried. The attempt failed because it was and always has been the drug of choice by the mainstream populace of pretty much the world. There are some exceptions of course with religious restrictions. It is the same for Nicotine. It is an established mainstream drug.

Originally, Marijuana laws were written to control part of our American population. This was done by arresting and convicting these Americans for the possession or use of a plant they could grow and use in the privacy of their own home. This left the “revenuers” out of the tax loop. This was/is the case with moonshine. It is still illegal to manufacture and distribute untaxed Alcohol and Nicotine.

The director of the DEA claims Marijuana has no medical value, that there is no medical evidence that Marijuana is not beneficial to American Citizens. Chief Chuck Rosenberg is either stupid or a bold faced liar. He can choose.

The facts are that the Marijuana aid and comfort people with cancer, aids and other ailments where conventional medicine, opiates usually, are used to provide pain relief. Opiates are far more addicting than Marijuana and have physical withdrawals. All you have to do to verify this is go to a methadone clinic near you. Alcohol is far more addicting than Marijuana. Nicotine is far more addicting than Marijuana.

The Civil Rights movement ended the free and open ability of the many to rape, beat and lynch people that aren’t white. Now we have to get rid of this Jim Crow Law before we damage more and more American Citizens. How can the Administration pardon people for non-violent drug offenses and still put people in prison for the same offenses?

I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke weed, I do not use nicotine, I do not indulge in any drugs. I do not see any need to make pot illegal except as a tool to manipulate and control a small segment of American Citizens.

All White neighborhoods, preventing non-whites from the same and equal opportunities. Poor people unable to serve on juries [look it up]. How is the scheduling of Marijuana as a Class I drug any different than these in preventing equal and equitable rights? How can you pardon people and then arrest others for the very same offense; possession and use of Marijuana?

markf @ August 12, 2016

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