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Scumbags Impact Mediation/Pro Asset Solutions, LLC

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So, I get the usual scumbag scammers calling me. Trying to reach another person to scam money from or harass. The call themselves “Impact Mediation” and of course there are no businesses registered by that name that I can find in Florida. These ass clowns are actually “Pro Asset Solutions, LLC” owned and operated by Ken Redon, Tarel Hunte and his girlfriend Kelli Wiggs.

Kelli Wiggs is actually their registered agent of service:
Registered Agent Name: Kelli Wiggs
Physical Address: 1948 Eshelman Ct, Clayton, Atlanta, GA, 30349, USA

The address of course is false. It should be “1948 Eshelman Ct, Atlanta, GA, 30349” which is their residence. Congratulations, they just had a child March 29 or so 2016.

These ass clowns use “3009 Rainbow Dr, Atlanta, GA 30041” for the official mailing address for their “cough” business. There were 9 businesses registered to that address last time I looked. If I checked or dug a little I would probably find a mailbox drop box company.

The BBB, as impotent as the BBB is, had this to say about these scumbags:

According to information in the BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The BBB’s mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable. If you have an unresolved dispute with this company you may wish to seek legal advice”

There are of course many complaint about them online. The BBB has NEVER contacted them, yet closed the files and claimed they had resolved the complaints.

Telephone numbers:

markf @ July 23, 2016

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