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Scumbags violate state and federal law

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Get a call from 855-201-2656. They threatened me with court, I’m game for that. I dialed the prerequisite [1] to get to an operator. They of course identify themselves as “Western” and refuse to identify their location. In fact, the first “lady”, I use the term loosely, said I was an “Ignorant bastard”. Then she hung up without providing any information. I mean come on. I explain they are criminals violating the law and they refuse to identify themselves or provide a location where they are. Talk about criminal activity. They were calling for somebody else.

These folks eventually blocked my number from calling them. I guess I redirect their number to some porn site in Panama or the Cayman Islands.

These folks are violating our laws, harassing folks and refuse to identify themselves or where they are.

I will eventually find out who these ass clowns are and then post their actual information online. In the mean time I think there is a porn line that charges like $99.00/minute.

markf @ June 2, 2016

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