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Will or can, Trump “Make America Great Again”

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The reasons folks are voting for Donald Trump are obvious and reasons most of the other candidates cannot and will not overcome.

  1. He is perceived as not bought and paid for.
  2. He says what he wants and doesn’t care what others think.
  3. He says he will make “America Great Again”.

Will the a or b achieve c? It is a valid question and a great question. He also says,

  1. Americans are tough enough and that we need to hurt one another.
  2. We need to build a wall around the country, Mexico in particular.
  3. That his supporters should punch their fellow Americans.
  4. That he would punch his fellow Americans.
  5. He will bomb other countries.
  6. Kill the families of terrorist.

Where to begin with so much riches from one man? First, he cowered when a protester rushed the stage. This clearly demonstrates he is a coward. This is further demonstrated by his threats to “Beat up people”. his promise to pay for your legal costs should you get in trouble for “Beating up people he doesn’t like”. He is loud and abusive like all cowards. He thinks he is a bully. He is insecure about himself and this is why he tries to be so boastful and bully others.

It is your choice whether or not to vote for this coward.You have an alternative that also;

  1. Is not bought and paid for.
  2. Says what he believes and does care what others think.
  3. Says he will make “America Great Again”.

This person also says to make “America Great Again” he will;

  1. Your children will have access to free public college.
  2. Your children will have access to free health care.
  3. Pass legislation to reign in banks and Wall Street.
  4. Get corporations out of political processes.
  5. Invest in our infrastructure.
  6. Invest in alternative energy sources.

Will these things help to make “America Great Again”? That is something you need to decide. Which path do you want the United States to be on? Do you want war and anarchy for your children or do you want peace, health and education for your children and grandchildren? It is that simple.

Who do you trust? Do you trust a coward that acts out of fear or do you trust an individual that fought for and was arrested for fighting for the Civil Right of others.

Who is the man, who is the bully?
Who is it you relate to?
Who will you be voting for?

markf @ March 15, 2016

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