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Why people vote for Trump

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The reason folks vote for Trump is the same reason(s) these folk will never vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton have the very same issue for the Republican voters. All three give every appearance they have been bought and paid for by Corporate America. For this very reason, no Republican that voted for Trump will ever vote for Clinton.

At the very same time, Trump being bat shit crazy is the reason those voting for Ted Cruz and and Marco Rubio will never vote for him to be President. These voters will also never vote for Clinton. This leaves them a choice, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump for President. These folks will either choose not to vote for anybody, some will vote Trump and the rest will vote for Bernie Sanders if he is on the ticket.

This means those not voting for Trump will most likely vote for Bernie Sanders.


Bat shit crazy or;

Bat shit crazy….

markf @ March 11, 2016

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