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Donald “Adolf Hitler” Trump

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Why would I compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler? Mr. Trump is using the same tactics and violence that Hitler did with the NAZI party’s “Brown Shirts”. This is why the younger Republicans will not vote for Trump, this is why the sane Republicans will never vote for Trump. Trump is not divisive, he is fanatical in his self-righteousness. He is bat shit crazy to put it politely as I can possibly be.

With this in mind you have to ask yourself, who would even vote for him? Well, his appeal is two dimensional. First, Trump is not in the pocket of corporate America. Second, Trump panders to everybody and says the outrageous shit that some of his fellow bat shit crazy Americans think and believe. Some folks believe that illegal aliens are here taking their jobs, that illegal aliens are being supported by our government programs, that illegal aliens are all rapists, thieves and murderers.

They are of course wrong and are blaming the wrong folks for this issue. If businesses did not hire undocumented workers this problem would be a non-issue. Remove the opportunity to work here and you remove the reason for people to come here illegally. Prosecute businesses for hiring them. Simple answer to a simple issue. The reason people leave their home land is to seek a better life for them and their family. The same reason(s) my ancestors came to America.

In American history, the newest wave of immigrants was never welcomed by the previous wave of immigrants. It has been this way for a very long time and unfortunately, it seems it will be that way for a while.

Trump uses language to insight violence at his rallies. The ignorant folks buy into his stupidity and Trump sits back and laughs. He isn’t paying the cost for these acts. This is exactly what Hitler did with the exception that the NAZI party actually planned the violence at the events.

There is little difference between what occurs at ole Adolf’s rallies and Trump rallies. This is what you folks are voting for.donald-trump


markf @ March 11, 2016

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