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The News Tribune advertises vacant homes to copper thieves

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The News Tribune in Tacoma Washington, owned by the The McClatchy Company, advertises vacant homes to those that would break in and steal the copper. They continue to force their will onto property owners in the Puget Sound. They continue to toss their garbage onto our property against our will.

Sadly, the News Tribune is STILL placing multiple bags of their trash onto the lawns, medians, steps of vacant homes. They were told to discontinue this, but they are still doing this. This brings thieves to our neighborhoods in the name of their profit. They have been told not to place their trash on the median or parking strips, they are still polluting the Pacific Northwest with their trash.

Their business model is to shift the cost of their business onto those that are not their customers. This is done by accepting money for advertising and then forcing the general populace to accept and dispose of these ads. It is an unlawful act and those not wanting to pay for the News Tribune’s cost of business should consider a class action to force the News Tribune and all other like them to stop this cost shifting.

I guess the News Tribune located in Tacoma Washington is a poor business model, has no respect for the home owners of the Puget Sound and should be put out our misery and out of business.

markf @ December 13, 2015

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