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Dieting using the Glycemic Index

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You see all this “health” related diets on television every day. Almost every one of these are simply unhealthy and dangerous. Our government should shut these con artist down. Here are the facts. I use the glycemic index to lose weight in a healthy way. I am over 50 years old, I am not into exercising every day and I like to eat.

I got away from white and whole wheat, corn and all food that is high on the glycemic index. Without any exercise and swapping dinner with breakfast, I have lost 23 pounds. I am still losing weight without any exercise. My blood pressure  is 104 over 76 and a pulse of 67. Not to bad for over 50 and no exercising.

The Mayo Clinic does have some information on this type of diet, but stops short of endorsing it.

What I do is use Semolina Flour [Durum Wheat], Buckwheat for noodles and pizza. I use only sauces where I can read, pronounce and know what every ingredient is it. For dinner, I make ice cream. Yes, desert for dinner and I am losing weight without exercising.

The ice cream is done using nuts, vegetable juice and frozen fruit. No dairy at all. The formula I found best is a ratio of 1 to 1 for the nuts and vegetable juice. Add a banana to this and blend it thoroughly. Add the frozen fruit to this at about 4 to 1 ratio. Blend until smooth. For body builders this can be modified with whey protein. This means you can get protein from dairy, nuts and vegetables all in one big ole bowl of ice cream.

In other words, 1/4 cup of nuts [raw unsalted is best for taste and health], 1/4 cup coconut water or vegetable juice and finally about 2 cups of frozen fruit.

For noodles. The less you cook them the lower they are on the glycemic index.  The other consideration is Buckwheat is not wheat. Semolina Flour [Durum Wheat] is higher in protein and harder so it digest differently than regular white and whole wheat. This means durum wheat is better for you and you can eat more of it.

I have used the semolina pasta from Fred Meyers, Trader Joe’s and from World Market. The noodles from Fred Meyers and Trader Joe’s are sub-standard. These noodles take longer to cook [from 12 to 15 minutes] which means they are higher on the glycemic index. The semolina pasta noodles from World Market take 8 to 9 minutes to fully cook.

I tried low glycemic index foods and found I was hungry. I try and stay with foods that are medium on the glycemic index or mix high, low and medium so they balance out to medium on the glycemic index. Here is a complete list of the glycemic index.

The diets you see on Television, the Internet do not take any of this into consideration. Any diet has to be healthy because just losing weight is not always healthy.

I will be posting recipes for the Vitamix for various types of Ice Cream on this site. I suggest you all do your home work prior to starting any of these pay for diets. Almost all of these fad diets are unhealthy.

With this diet, you eat whole fruits, whole nuts and if you substitute coconut water for vegetable juice and whole vegetables you are eating only whole, raw foods. This is what a “palio diet” is, Adding whey protein adds milk protein. To the pasta, add some cooked chicken. Have meat a couple of times a week if you want for lunch or dinner. You can have a salad a couple of days a week.

What do these other fad diets offer? Vitamin bars, snack shakes…

I would rather eat pasta, salads, chicken, ice cream all day.

markf @ April 11, 2014

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