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Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

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Asset Recovery Associate, Inc.

30 or more rip off reports about these ass clowns scamming people. Something you might wish to read and forward to your state attorney general.

I will be adding information as time goes on and I track these scumbags down.

These ass clowns are scumbags that invent debt and then attempt to recover said debt. They call our home phone and cell phone trying to scam us into paying a debt that does not exist. I suspect they scan records somehow and then attempt to place themselves between the people and the business and attempt to have the individual that owes a debt pay them instead of the actual entity the individual owes the debt to. Is this legal, nope. Is our government doing anything to stop these illegal acts, nope?

I figure our government considers stealing a business as long as the theft is a small amount from those that can’t really afford it. Unfortunately for these ass clowns, Asset Recovery Associates, Inc., I can afford it and have the time and knowledge to identify them. If these people call you and threaten you will legal action, refer them to this site. Asset Recovery Associates, Inc., are fraudulently attempting to collect a debt that is is good standing.

There, I said it. I have told them to sue us each time they call and threaten us with litigation. I see Asset Recovery Associates., Inc. I have tried everything to get them to sue us. Instead all Asset Recovery Associates’ Inc is able to do is call and threaten us.

Asset Recovery Associate, Inc., aka FINANCIAL CREDIT SERVICE, INC.
Estimated annual gross income

ARA Financial was founded in 2012, and is located at 1919 S Highland Ave 225a in Lombard. It employs 2 employees and is generating approximately $110,000.00 in annual revenue. Additional information is available by contacting this business at (630) 396-8575
PO Box 4009, Schaumburg, Illinois
PO Box 5002, Villa Park, IL 60181-5002

Actual address:

DuPage Corporate Center
1919 S. Highland Ave, 225A
Lombard, IL 60148


Bruce Cohen
PO BOX 5002
Villa Park, IL 6018

Craig Wilshire [Supervisor]

markf @ November 13, 2014

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