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Washington State Senator proposes an Unconstitutional Law

markf @ November 17, 2016 # Comments Off on Washington State Senator proposes an Unconstitutional Law

Senator Doug Erickson is proposing to make protesting a Class C Felony. The First Amendment guarantees all Americans have the Right to Peaceably Assemble, to protest those things we disagree with. This is what a politician that wants to deprive you of your Constitutional Rights looks like. We cannot allow the continued erosion of our rights.

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Ah the Post Office

markf @ November 9, 2016 # Comments Off on Ah the Post Office

An ongoing saga of poor service, negligence, harassment and attempts to intimidate American citizens by the USPS and specifically the Manager at the Lincoln Post Office. First a little history. I went through this in Healdsburg California. A carrier refused to remove and dispose of refused mail. I don’t accept delivery of junk mail, 3rd […]

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