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Facebook censors my account

markf @ August 18, 2016 # Comments Off on Facebook censors my account

Greetings, I posted a video, actually shared a video of the pipeline being forced on Americans. Our government is using “Eminent domain” to take away the lands that belong to the Sioux people by treaty with the United States government. These lands will be parted out to corporations, Canadian corporations. These are Americans and have […]

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Is this the Last of the Jim Crow Laws?

markf @ August 12, 2016 # Comments Off on Is this the Last of the Jim Crow Laws?

Consider this when you think about the recent refusal of the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify Marijuana as something other than a Schedule I drug. This while President Obama commuted the Sentences of 348 American Citizens. Many convictions were for non-violent drug offenses. At the same time, the Drug Enforcement Administration is saying and trying […]

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