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Donald Trump is a “Loser”

markf @ August 26, 2015 # Comments Off on Donald Trump is a “Loser”

What can you say about an individual that seems to view everybody else in the world as losers? What does this loser base these views on? A soldier being captured during a time of war? Being Hispanic [replace Hispanic with the flavor of Donald’s day]. This is from a trust fund loser that would never […]

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Team USA – Scumbags

markf @ August 11, 2015 # Comments Off on Team USA – Scumbags

Just heard the news about a Seattle athlete, Nick Symmonds, that Team USA just boned him and every other American and our athletes. Sadly these scumbags, Team USA, put money ahead of the United States, our citizens and our athletes. Instead of specifying where the athletes where Team USA gear, they seek to damage this […]

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Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran

markf @ August 10, 2015 # Comments Off on Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran

More scumbags pieces of trash calling from cloaked, hidden, non-functional telephone numbers. Here is their facebook page and their website. Before you start on “They are just ….”. This is illegal and harassing without any way to stop these scumbags from calling me. They don’t identify themselves upfront and ask for erroneous people. As for […]

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