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US Bank strikes again

markf @ October 24, 2015 # Comments Off on US Bank strikes again

What do, or can I say further about why to avoid US Bank? I just received another email where a longtime, reoccurring electronic funds transfer denied. This means my reoccurring account is not honored. There is no reason for this except failure to protect their customers from US Bank themselves. This act of theirs requires […]

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AIG sues the Citizens of the United States

markf @ October 11, 2014 # Comments Off on AIG sues the Citizens of the United States

AIG are ass monkeys American International Group [AIG] the ass monkeys we bailed out under TARP has decided that they want to sue us, the United Sates citizens. Why would these dick heads do this you might be asking yourself. Because we had them pay their debt back at the interest rate they agreed to […]

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Quicken Loans scam or scum?

markf @ July 7, 2014 # Comments Off on Quicken Loans scam or scum?

More junk mail from these ass-clowns. I call their telephone number and the person tells me the they cannot remove my address from their lists. Really? Does the FTC or our government do anything to stop the harassment or blatant attempted theft from the citizens? Our Attorney Generals and the Federal Trade Commission are jokes. […]

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U. S. Bank strikes again

markf @ May 1, 2014 # Comments Off on U. S. Bank strikes again

It  appears they have suspended or closed my card without my permission or knowledge. Should this happen to you when you are on a trip or on a vacation, you and your family will be at great risk at not being able to eat, have a place to sleep or get home. U. S. Bank […]

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U.S. Bank

markf @ April 29, 2014 # Comments Off on U.S. Bank

What can I say about this bank? It has been our bank for almost a decade. In that time I have had several check cards sent to me and my spouse that would have canceled the other person’s card, at least one credit card account opened by an employee without mine or my spouse’s permission […]

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