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homeserve tries scare tactics through AARP

markf @ October 10, 2016 # Comments Off on homeserve tries scare tactics through AARP

These folks, Homeserv I believe, send a relative requests that she buy home insurance on our house. Then they use scare tactics to get her to buy home insurance on our house. Then when I call them they refuse to identify who “they” is. I am using proper English. I called the telephone number on […]

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CBS This Morning screwed the pooch, yet again

markf @ September 14, 2016 # Comments Off on CBS This Morning screwed the pooch, yet again

Today, CBS This Morning reports that the Chevy Volt now out paces the Tesla in so far as miles on a charge. At first, they compare the Chevy Volt to the Tesla Model 3. The Chevy Volt will get about 238 miles on a charge and the Model 3 will get a little over 200 […]

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Facebook censors my account

markf @ August 18, 2016 # Comments Off on Facebook censors my account

Greetings, I posted a video, actually shared a video of the pipeline being forced on Americans. Our government is using “Eminent domain” to take away the lands that belong to the Sioux people by treaty with the United States government. These lands will be parted out to corporations, Canadian corporations. These are Americans and have […]

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Scumbags violate state and federal law

markf @ June 2, 2016 # Comments Off on Scumbags violate state and federal law

Get a call from 855-201-2656. They threatened me with court, I’m game for that. I dialed the prerequisite [1] to get to an operator. They of course identify themselves as “Western” and refuse to identify their location. In fact, the first “lady”, I use the term loosely, said I was an “Ignorant bastard”. Then she […]

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American Family Insurance are scumbags

markf @ May 9, 2016 # Comments Off on American Family Insurance are scumbags

UPDATE: American Family Insurance is fighting this, but refused to provide the Adjuster’s notes to my insurance company. Might be because their adjuster took photos and concluded the damage was done by their client. He might have disagreed on some of the damage. These folks are scumbags. If you get hit by their clients, you […]

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US Bank strikes again

markf @ October 24, 2015 # Comments Off on US Bank strikes again

What do, or can I say further about why to avoid US Bank? I just received another email where a longtime, reoccurring electronic funds transfer denied. This means my reoccurring account is not honored. There is no reason for this except failure to protect their customers from US Bank themselves. This act of theirs requires […]

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Elway Research, Inc.

markf @ September 11, 2015 # Comments Off on Elway Research, Inc.

Elway Research, Inc. aka The Agora Foundation xxxx Palatine Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103 The owner H. Stuart Elway is also teaching at the University of Washington: H. Stuart Elway B.A. 1970, M.A. 1975, Ph.D. 1983 As president of Elway Research, Inc., Elway has directed research projects for large and small businesses, associations, not-for-profits, public […]

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Life Watch USA and The Better Business bureau [BBB]

markf @ December 19, 2014 # Comments Off on Life Watch USA and The Better Business bureau [BBB]

    LIFE Watch USA   I keep getting calls from some scumbags, LIFE Watch USA, that have ripped off a lot of elderly people. Their calls are just hangups. Meaning the phone rings, I pick it up and they hang up. Some will explain this a technical glitch. Why do I care when these […]

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Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

markf @ November 13, 2014 # Comments Off on Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

Asset Recovery Associate, Inc. 30 or more rip off reports about these ass clowns scamming people. Something you might wish to read and forward to your state attorney general. I will be adding information as time goes on and I track these scumbags down. These ass clowns are scumbags that invent debt and then attempt […]

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AIG sues the Citizens of the United States

markf @ October 11, 2014 # Comments Off on AIG sues the Citizens of the United States

AIG are ass monkeys American International Group [AIG] the ass monkeys we bailed out under TARP has decided that they want to sue us, the United Sates citizens. Why would these dick heads do this you might be asking yourself. Because we had them pay their debt back at the interest rate they agreed to […]

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