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Scumbags Impact Mediation/Pro Asset Solutions, LLC

markf @ July 23, 2016 # Comments Off on Scumbags Impact Mediation/Pro Asset Solutions, LLC

So, I get the usual scumbag scammers calling me. Trying to reach another person to scam money from or harass. The call themselves “Impact Mediation” and of course there are no businesses registered by that name that I can find in Florida. These ass clowns are actually “Pro Asset Solutions, LLC” owned and operated by […]

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Scumbags violate state and federal law

markf @ June 2, 2016 # Comments Off on Scumbags violate state and federal law

Get a call from 855-201-2656. They threatened me with court, I’m game for that. I dialed the prerequisite [1] to get to an operator. They of course identify themselves as “Western” and refuse to identify their location. In fact, the first “lady”, I use the term loosely, said I was an “Ignorant bastard”. Then she […]

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Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

markf @ November 13, 2014 # Comments Off on Asset Recovery Associates Inc.

Asset Recovery Associate, Inc. 30 or more rip off reports about these ass clowns scamming people. Something you might wish to read and forward to your state attorney general. I will be adding information as time goes on and I track these scumbags down. These ass clowns are scumbags that invent debt and then attempt […]

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Complacent or Complicit?

markf @ September 17, 2014 # Comments Off on Complacent or Complicit?

To:      Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 1801 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 cc’ed    Office of Consumer Litigation U.S. Department of Justice PO Box 386 Washington, D.C. 20044 cc’ed:    The Federal Trade Commission Washington, D.C. 20580   This is to inform the Federal Trade Commission that a company claiming to be [Standard […]

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Stupid people working for scammers

markf @ September 16, 2014 # Comments Off on Stupid people working for scammers

I receive calls all day from scumbags. I am never nice to their employees. In fact I am an asshole to them. They all wonder why I am an asshole to them. Because you work for scammers you dip shits. “Cardmember Services” calls from numbers that are spoofed and disconnected. “Standard Mediation” threatens you and […]

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Accounts Receivable Managements, Inc.

markf @ April 7, 2014 # Comments Off on Accounts Receivable Managements, Inc.

Accounts Receivable Managements, Inc. practices “Skip Tracing”. Skip Tracing is the act of attaching a delinquent account they have purchased or otherwise acquired to a telephone number and contact information of third parties that have a similar name. Other than having a similar name, these third parties have nothing to do with the person these […]

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