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Elway Research, Inc.

markf @ September 11, 2015 # Comments Off on Elway Research, Inc.

Elway Research, Inc. aka The Agora Foundation xxxx Palatine Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103 The owner H. Stuart Elway is also teaching at the University of Washington: H. Stuart Elway B.A. 1970, M.A. 1975, Ph.D. 1983 As president of Elway Research, Inc., Elway has directed research projects for large and small businesses, associations, not-for-profits, public […]

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Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran

markf @ August 10, 2015 # Comments Off on Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran

More scumbags pieces of trash calling from cloaked, hidden, non-functional telephone numbers. Here is their facebook page and their website. Before you start on “They are just ….”. This is illegal and harassing without any way to stop these scumbags from calling me. They don’t identify themselves upfront and ask for erroneous people. As for […]

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Pacific Market Research, LLC

markf @ January 23, 2015 # Comments Off on Pacific Market Research, LLC

Received a telephone and a hang up for these assclowns. Called their 877-565-5974 number back was told to send them an email to have them stop calling. One form of spam for another, no thanks. So I do a little digging and found the following. Pacific Market Research, LLC Phone: 425-271-2300 Fax: 425-271-2400 15 […]

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