Is this the Last of the Jim Crow Laws?

Consider this when you think about the recent refusal of the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify Marijuana as something other than a Schedule I drug. This while President Obama commuted the Sentences of 348 American Citizens. Many convictions were for non-violent drug offenses. At the same time, the Drug Enforcement Administration is saying and trying […]

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Scumbags Impact Mediation/Pro Asset Solutions, LLC

So, I get the usual scumbag scammers calling me. Trying to reach another person to scam money from or harass. The call themselves “Impact Mediation” and of course there are no businesses registered by that name that I can find in Florida. These ass clowns are actually “Pro Asset Solutions, LLC” owned and operated by […]

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Scumbags violate state and federal law

Get a call from 855-201-2656. They threatened me with court, I’m game for that. I dialed the prerequisite [1] to get to an operator. They of course identify themselves as “Western” and refuse to identify their location. In fact, the first “lady”, I use the term loosely, said I was an “Ignorant bastard”. Then she […]

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CBS This Morning screwed the pooch, yet again

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Today, CBS This Morning reports that the Chevy Volt now out paces the Tesla in so far as miles on a charge. At first, they compare the Chevy Volt to the Tesla Model 3. The Chevy Volt will get about 238 miles on a charge and the Model 3 will get a little over 200 miles on a charge. The Model 3 has not yet come out and Tesla can simply improve the battery a bit and get more miles per charge. It gets better.

Then CBS This Morning compares the price tag of the Chevy Volt to the Tesla Model S. Most folks will miss this I think. They said the Chevy Volt starts at about $37,000.00 before some tax breaks. The “TESLA” starts at about $70,000.00. They did not differentiate between the Tesla Model S and Model 3. So are they comparing the Chevy Volt to the luxury Model S or the Model 3? If they are comparing the Chevy and the Tesla Model S they forgot to mention the free charging stations, the luxury of the car, etc….

It they are comparing the Chevy Volt to the Model 3, then they forgot to mention the Tesla Model 3 starts at about $7,000.00 less than the Chevy Volt and you get the free charging, the luxury of Tesla Motors and the service of Tesla.

There simply is no comparison unless you fuck it up and try and bad mouth Tesla intentionally.

The Tesla Model 3 cost less, it is a better built and constructed car, it has a better warranty, it has better electronics [free updates on all their software], Tesla has built a charging infrastructure to support their product.

The Chevy volt cost far more, it gets 20 more miles on a charge. It is limited as far as range because Chevrolet has not built the infrastructure to support its product.

Go 238 miles on that charge or go anywhere you want, for the most part, and rely on a charging station every hundred miles or so.

markf @ September 14, 2016

Facebook censors my account

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I posted a video, actually shared a video of the pipeline being forced on Americans. Our government is using “Eminent domain” to take away the lands that belong to the Sioux people by treaty with the United States government. These lands will be parted out to corporations, Canadian corporations. These are Americans and have civil and constitutional rights.

“Marshall wrote in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia in 1831 that the Cherokees didn’t have legal standing to prevent the state of Georgia from seizing its lands”

So Facebook deleted the original post and the shared post when I or anybody else shared it. I will const the original poster or find it and link it here.

Fuck facebook and fuck you Mark [S]uckerberg. This is the URL for the video:

Dakota Pipeline Access protest. Peaceful protesters are now being arrested.

markf @ August 18, 2016